Are bed bugs visible to detect on a mattress

Bed bugs can be defined as parasitic insects. They prefer to feed on human blood though they have been found to feed on animal blood in extreme cases where there is lack of human blood. The name was given to the insect partially mostly nocturnal and is capable of drawing blood from its host without being detected. Most of the effects of bed bug bites will include allergic symptoms and skin rashes. Finding bed bugs and bed bug related symptoms are a diagnosis of bites of the insect. In mid 20th century, they were eradicated in developed countries. However, in the last two decades, reports of infestation have been on the increase.

Are bed bugs visible to detect on a mattress

If you want to know how you get bed bugs, it is very simple. There are several ways that bed bugs tend to arrive in your house. The first method involves them being brought to your household from infested areas by either a person’s clothing, infested furniture or pets. Nearby dwellings which are infested can cause your household to also become infested. Visitation by wild animals, like birds, may also be a cause of infestation in your home. Lastly, visiting an infested area and returning to your home may cause it to be infested as they will travel in your clothing.

How to detect bed bugs

If you suspect infestation has occurred, you will need to know where to find bed bugs. Since they are usually nocturnal, it may be hard to spot them. You should start by checking dark crevices in your bedroom. They are normally found alone. However, with time they tend to congregate. Most of their harborage areas will include: bedside clutter, luggage, furniture and vehicles. Animals that live within a dwelling like rodents and birds can be a place that bed bugs are found.

Bed bug bites are not easy to spot especially if the bite is from a single bed bug. When many bugs bite, you can easily notice the affected areas as they will have red blotchy marks. Treatment of such bites will vary. In most cases, you can easily know how to treat bed bug bites by treating the symptoms. Treatment of bed bug bites can be done using a first aid kit and cleaning the areas affected. Some bites cause allergies which have to be treated according to their conditions. However, to be safe, it is advisable to visit a medical center for a through analysis.

Getting rid of bed bugs will require a person to use certain methods. One of the methods is using a bed bug killer spray. This spray is available in common insecticide stores. It should be used in areas that are likely to harbor the bugs. You can alternatively use natural remedies for bed bugs and natural bed bug killer. In this instance, you can take out all the furniture and clothes that happen to be in the infested areas. Pour ash on all furniture and make sure the clothes stay out in the blazing sun so that the bed bugs can be killed. You can also use exterminator bed bugs if you feel that these two methods are not sufficient.

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