How Can I Move Out Without Bringing Bed Bugs To My New Home.?

me and my gf are planning to move out of the flat we are in at the momment, we are renting one of the rooms , what would be the best thing to do not to bring the bed bugs to our new home, is it safe to bring things like laptop, tv, electric guitar and computer? do we have to wash our clothes? or do we just put our clothes in a dryer for 20 mins or so? please help us, thank u

What Does Bed Bug Fecal Matter Look Like?

I have thoroughly searched and never found one. Never had a bite, nor have my kids or my husband. I don't know why I am suddenly so paranoid about bed bugs. I wish i wasn't. I live in a small town in PA, and we never travel. Actually i haven't been on a vacation in 8 years. No one I know has bed bugs. I did notice on my pink pillowcases some black dots. I do occasionally get lazy and don't wash my makeup off. Sometimes i shower at night and don't blow dry my hair. I also sweat in my sleep Read more [...]

Does It Sound Like My Friend Has Bed Bugs?

I never had bed bugs, or ever been bitten by one that I know of, so I’m not sure. But whenever I spend the night at her house, the next day I notice I have little red bumps all over my arms and feet, like only on exposed parts. And they’re really itchy :/ . My boyfriend noticed them on my arms, and he said it sounds like she has bed bugs. It only happens when I go to her house. I have no clue :/ help. Lol.

How Dose One Get “bed Bugs”?

In my Grandma’s apartment building, she had bed bugs. However i nor she knows where they came from. She is a neat freak and always spraying around the house. She lives in the ‘project’ however, she has the most cleanest and pest free apartment within it. How could she have ever gotten a “bed Bugs” if not even a single cockroach has been spotted within my Grandmothers apartment? (and believe me, there she is cockroaches with others apartments)