How Did Bed Bugs Get in My Home

When people find out they have bed bugs, they think about is where they came from. People will think they came from not keeping the house or apartment clean, while others may blame the neighboring apartment thinking they came through the walls. The truth is that bed bugs live close to people. They live off our blood the same way a mosquito would. If they are not near people, a bed bug will slowly starve. They are found living only a few feet from a person and come out in the early morning before dawn to feed.

How Did Bed Bugs Get in My Home

If you find that you have an infestation, it is because one or more of these insects were brought in from another place, especially hotels and motels. An explanation of how to bed bugs hitch rides from other travelers to you is simple. They grab on to clothing and will often hide in a seam or underneath the clothing. These insects are very good at concealing themselves.

These bugs can be inside a motel room on the carpet and crawl onto a sock or shoe. They can crawl on your clothing while you sit on a bed. In most cases the bug will not be noticed and may still be on the clothing when you arrive home. If the bed bug makes it to safety, he can feed when active at night, and he will have found a new home. A pregnant female will be able to spawn hundreds of bed bugs.

Treatment of bed bug bites is often unnecessary. In fact, most people who have bed bugs will not notice them until they multiply to the point where they are noticed visually. Perhaps spotting a straggler in the day time.

You can buy bed bug killer spray to fight the problem, but never use regular insect spray on bed bugs. You will end up hurting yourself more than the bed bugs. Wash your sheets and use spray on the side of your mattress and underneath. Make sure you clean and spray the bed frames. Bed bugs will hide in the smallest of places

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