Moncton rooming house shut down by fire marshal

The fire marshal’s office in Moncton has shut down a rooming house at 118 Lewisville Road after declaring the building unsafe.

The building was inspected on Tuesday and was ordered closed until repairs are done.

Shelly Blab is one of 11 people who lived in the two-storey building.

She shared the top floor with six other people — and sometimes more.

“That was another problem,” said Blab.

“There were people coming in here — squatters — that would, if a door was left open, they would go in and sleep on the bed. So you never knew who was going to be here.”

Blab fell on the creaky stairs on the outside of the building last winter and broke her foot.

“They’re pretty crooked and the ambulance drivers that came here to get me, the stairs weren’t shovelled, the driveway wasn’t plowed, so I had to use them as crutches to get to the road,” she said.

Blag said she is glad her former home has been condemned.

“Unbearable,” she said.

“There were bed bugs. The landlord was quick to collect the rent but not quick to do any repairs or anything.

“Actually, I consider it a blessing. It really is.”

The Red Cross helped her find a new apartment that is safe and clean, she said.

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