Tips on Staying Bed Bug Free At Home and Work

Staying bed bug free at home or at work is not an easy thing but you can do it. You can do a lot to this end by removing clutter from your office and home. Bed bugs, just like other vermin, thrive in messy places. If you want to know how you get bed bugs, you should know that one of the ways is cluttering your rooms with many unnecessary items.

You can also call exterminator bed bugs if you do not want to deal with them on your own. However, even with the help of the exterminator, there are still things you need to do to remain bed bug free. If you already have a few bugs in your house, put all your clothes, stuffed animals, rugs and curtains in hot water and dry them in a dryer above 175 degrees. As for the non-washable items, you ought to take them straight to the dryer.

You also have to know where to find bed bugs in your home or office if you want to kill them. Then you should vacuum all these places. This includes the floor, furniture, all cracks, spaces, and other places. However, this is not the only thing to do in your way to staying bed bug free at home and work. Only a combination of several of these measures will see you succeed.

Apart from getting rid of bed bug already in your house, you ought to try to keep them from infesting your rooms in the first place. Instead of learning how to treat bed bugs bites, you are better of learning how to prevent them from biting you. Bringing old furniture to your office or home is dangerous since that is one of the ways in which bed bug infestation spread. Therefore, before you bring any of those things into your rooms you should disinfect them.

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