What are bed bugs and do you have them?

Bed bugs are no longer just a children’s fear, they are real! These bugs can be extremely bothersome and cause a lot of problems in any home. They can quickly invade and take over whole apartment buildings and homes. Knowing whether or not you have these bugs is important if you want treatment.

What are bed bugs?

Bed bugs are small insects that feed off the blood of people and animals. They are extremely small and oval in shape. Instead of coming out during the day, they come out in the early hours of the morning while people are asleep. These insects tend to live inside of furniture, including mattresses and sofas.

How do you get bed bugs?

Bed bugs can be contracted a number of different ways. They can attach to clothing or even bags in public places. They can also travel around apartment buildings within just days. Because they can live for so long without feeding, they are able to travel long distances.

Where to find bed bugs?

If you think these insects are in your home, it’s important to do an inspection. Looking under the mattress for small blood stains is the first thing to do. In addition to this, look around the wall where there might be dark spots and dead bugs. It’s also an option to call an exterminator for bed bugs. Most exterminators now have bed bug sniffing dogs they use, which are much more accurate than human inspectors.

How to get rid of these insects?

Exterminators will be able to get rid of these bugs quickly. This will be either by freezing them out or using steam. The treatment option will depend on the exterminator you choose. There are also natural remedies for bed bugs that can be used, including Diatomaceous Earth. This is easy to find at most home improvement stores.

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